Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coulter To Latino Panel: My Sotomayor Answer Will Be Best Because I'm White, Mocks Rosie Perez! (Video)

Miss Coulter can be overwhelmingly annoying at times, but she has one of the sharpest wits around. This was funny and ballsy! "Speaking as a gringa, my answer will be best answer on this panel."

From Town Hall:

Coulter was on Geraldo's FOX show today discussing the Sotomayor hub-bub with Los Angeles mayor and former leader of MEChA; an organization -- like La Raza -- that believes most of the Southwest United States needs to be returned to Mexico. Moreover, joining the Latino panel was Hollywood celebrity-activist, Rosie Perez (she starred in White Men Can't Jump, 1992), and the Bush-appointed, first Latino to serve as United States Attorney General.

I pulled the two best parts of the segment: the first one is in the title; the second one Coulter mocks the incessant mention of Sotomayor's Latin heritage. Unfortunately, for Rosie Perez, her reaction was caught on the split screen.

This should tell you how much credibility and objectivity Perez has:

And here where she joined the "Bash Sarah Palin" parade.

Screw you Rosie! Ann Coulter has more patriotism in her left foot than you do in your entire soul!

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