Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Czechs Throw Eggs At Politician Paroubek In Protest (Video)

Hmmm...as a person of Czech decent, my people have come up with another great idea!

The Czech Republic is turning into a messy battleground with a series of egg-throwing attacks on an opposition leader amid the campaign for the European Parliament elections to be held next week.

Hundreds of eggs flew at Social Democrat chairman Jiri Paroubek and his entourage at a pre-election meeting in Prague on Wednesday.

"We won't let this discourage us. Shame on you," said Paroubek, with yolk dripping off his chin and belly.

Paroubek, 56, fell out of favour in particular with young Czechs when, as the country's prime minister, he backed the police for breaking up a youths' techno party in 2005.

The Social Democrats, whose no-confidence vote toppled Mirek Topolanek's cabinet midway through the Czech EU presidency in late March, lead in opinion polls together with Topolanek's Civic Democrats, each receiving about 28 percent support.

The egg wars broke out two weeks ago when two men in a town near Prague threw tomatoes and eggs at Paroubek, starting a series of attacks.

Last week, a man in another town put a boxful of eggs on the stage in front of Paroubek, saying: "Here you are, at least we won't have to throw them."

The furious politician kicked the box off the stage, hitting a few of his supporters, according to the denik.cz news site.

Otakar Fleischmann, a psychologist, told the DNES daily on Wednesday that "Paroubek's angry reaction to the attacks provokes further attacks, because the attackers find his behaviour amusing."

On the same day, DNES ran three pages on the egg wars, including a study on the trajectory of a flying egg and the composition of an egg, and a did-you-know column on eggs.

During Wednesday's attack, the politicians merely stood and watched as the eggs hit them, with no help in sight as the government had declined their request for increased police protection.

Meanwhile, the egg war hit cyberspace as a young man established a group called "An egg for Paroubek in every town" on Facebook, attracting more than 42,400 members to date.

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