Thursday, September 10, 2009

Leftwing Puts America At Risk Again! John Adams Project Showing Terrorists Pictures Of CIA Agents (Video)

The Left simply does not understand national security.

Obama has attacked the CIA, Nancy Pelosi had attacked the CIA and now this.

O'Reilly reported this yesterday:

You'll remember the Valerie Plame situation, where the former CIA operative was publicly named in a weapons of mass destruction controversy. Led by NBC News and The New York Times, the left-wing media went nuts, and ultimately Scooter Libby, a top adviser to Vice President Cheney, was convicted of a crime.

Now we have a situation that is far worse, and the left-wing media is totally silent.

A group calling itself the John Adams Project, affiliated with the ACLU, is secretly photographing CIA agents and showing the pictures to suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, among others. Activist lawyers Joshua Dratel, Edward MacMahon and Nina Ginsberg are just three members of the Adams group who are putting CIA agents in grave danger. "Factor" producer Dan Bank caught up with Ms. Ginsberg:

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