Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hannity Interviews Couple Behind ACORN "Pimp And Prostitute" Scandal (Video)

James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, the people behind the infamous undercover video in which they played pimp and prostitute, that brought down two ACORN officials in Baltimore, appear on "Hannity" to recall how they put their plan together.

Giles said she got the idea while jogging, then messaged O'Keefe on Facebook with the idea. O'Keefe recounted being "more and more ridiculous" with requests for the ACORN agents in the video. "We pushed, and we pushed, and we got everything that we asked for as a fake pimp and prostitute," Giles said. "This is who these people are," O'Keefe added. "They're soulless people."

Hannity also replayed for them the part where the lady from ACORN told the phony prostitute that she could "write off certain clothing" as well as condoms, since they would be part of her business. "They're so kind," Giles joked.

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