Monday, September 7, 2009

Major Garrett Laughs Off Van Jones Blaming The Right; "Science Czar" In Hot Water Over Abortion (Video)

As expected, Axelrod et al have completely distanced themselves from Van Jones. As if they had no idea who the guy was and wonder how he even got into the White House.

Give me a break.

Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett reports that the reason Van Jones' resignation as President Obama's green jobs czar went down the way it did was to "distance the President... as much as possible" from him.

"He was not a player," Garrett suggests.

Also, when Megyn Kelly cites Jones "blaming the right wing for his resignation amid a smear campaign," Garrett breaks into laughter.

Also, Gregg Jarrett suggests that there could be another "controversy" surrounding Obama's science czar who apparently advocated forced abortions. "Watch for this guy to get a bit more attention in the coming days," Jarrett teases.

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