Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama's Sickening Arrogance: "I would put my 4 months up against any administration since FDR" (Video)

The natives are getting restless and Obama doesn't care!

Arrogant, radical, dishonest and dangerous.

So, in his mind, he's the best President since FDR? Is he kidding? Is he insane? Has he been inhaling too many Air Force One fumes? Obama is a huffer?

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  1. What a pompous ass this guy is.

    Pampered by affirmative action. Spoiled by rich, leftist grandparents who raised him. Told by everybody he's great and special as the Democratic machine paves the way. A life soaked in favors and entitlement.

    And this delusional megalomaniac is the result. A blessed, lucky, and surely undeserved life... and he thinks he did it all himself... now even some great, historical figure for doing nothing but blowing a trillion bucks and surrendering to our enemies.

    Who's surprised... really?

  2. yes, while he is doing this there is a huge push for amnesty again, this passes and we are done.............
    check out numbersusa and join up they will help you call and send free faxes.

  3. It's not just Air Force One fumes he's huffed too many of, it's too much maryjane and other choice items during his formative years.

    He's full of fumes and hot air...someday he has to quit 'fudging it' and get down to the nitty-gritty of doing his job; that is, if he know how to do a job rather than just campaigning for one. I have my doubts...