Wednesday, May 27, 2009

North Korea Declares War On U.S.: Andrea Mitchell Blames Bush! (Video)

More unfair and completely unbalanced reporting from Andrea Mitchell. North Korea essentially declared war on South Korea and The United States today.

Mitchell says Obama "inherited this North Korea policy and conundrum" from Bush!

Good grief! When is MS MBC going to officially change its name to White House TV.

Comrades! Get Ready For State Run TV!

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  1. And bush inherited the situation from Clinton but you never heard him cry and cry how he had inherited a bad situation from his predecessor. What a bunch of crybabies the Democrats and their polemic pundits are.

  2. Clinton didnt leave a mess at all

  3. tired of republicans and democrats and there tools pointing fingers each other for the problems we have now. They are destroying this country.