Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is Joe Biden To Blame If "Nasty" Battle Over Sonia Sotomayor Prevents Her Confirmation To Supreme Court? (Video)

Joe Biden served as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for nearly 30 years.

Biden set the groundwork that "judicial philosophy" disqualifies a candidate for the Supreme Court during his past blasting of Republican nominees.

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1 comment:

  1. Baloney! Mean Joe can't "make " republicans do anything they really dont want to do.
    That is like Flip Wilson saying "the devil made me do it."

    By the way, The political reality is that a filibuster can be killed by a simple majority vote as former Senate Majority leader, Bill Frist proved: when the democrats were getting ready to filibuster
    Justice Sam Alito-all the majority party has to do is change the senate rules disallowing filibusters

    if the gop gets crazy that could happen again-but this time to THEM!!

    See also:


    have fun with that filibuster. lol!