Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Laura Ingraham Gets Medieval On Notre Dame: "No Longer A Viable Catholic Institution"; School Thumbs Nose At Vatican Ideaology (Video)

Laura Ingraham went nuclear on the "secular" community of Notre Dame for honoring the most radical pro-abortion and pro-infanticide president in US history at commencement on Sunday. Ingraham correctly refers to the school as a secular institution after the debacle.

Here's the deal. It matters not your personal position on abortion. What matters is that Catholicism is explicitly pro-life. As a Catholic University, Notre Dame owes it to its students and alumni to respect Catholic traditions.

Sure, it's hard to pass on having the President as a commencement speaker at any University, but why was the invitation given in the first place?

Ingraham is a passionate pro-lifer and it's nice to see her stick to her guns here.

Full disclosure: The ConservativeXpress takes no official stand on abortion. The Supreme Court ruled on abortion in 1973. It is the law of the land and above all else, this website supports the Constitution.

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