Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maddow Calls Out Obama On His "Prolonged Detention" Policies (Video)

No....! Say it ain't so! Rachel "Vile Pig I Hate More Than Anything" Maddow calls out Dear Leader?

This bitch, er, woman, is never gonna be happy, huh?

I feel bad for the vile, putrid, hateful, Mancow.

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  1. You're a fucking moron.

  2. It's funny you called her mancow, I ll have to admit it sounds better then in the email I sent her me calling her madcow!
    See the difference is I wrote her teed-off about her making fun of tea parties.
    But then when she was all for obama she was like, that dweep David dicksuck(schuester)
    and Kieth Blowsmen (Olberman) making fun of people who think our government forget they work for us!
    She was just as cool a banananna flavored freeze pop.
    I guess mancow forgot to drink her Kool Aid before watching that speech, she actually got what we been saying!
    Us conspiracy theorist saying we'll have no rights who have been nuts!
    IF you dont think rachel was dead on your getting your daily allowance of the lil fat red guy!
    I must say though, when your over worked and understaffed It probablly gets pretty hard making sure everyone had drank thiers!
    Shame on mancow ! SHE SHOULD HAVE CALLED!