Friday, May 22, 2009

President Obama: Naval Academy Commencement Speech, Obama Continues To Bash George Bush (Full Video)

The President speaks at the US Naval Academy Commencement in Annapolis, Maryland, and reminds us that our military is made up of hundreds of thousands of individual stories, each guided by a common set of values. He connects his admiration for the service of sailors and Marines to the values he espoused yesterday at the National Archives. May 22, 2009.

Excerpts from the speech. Transcript from NPR:

In an era when too few citizens answer the call to service — to community or country — these Americans chose to serve. And they did so in a time of war, knowing they might be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Which is why Obama's Brown Shirts are being forced into service, H.R. 1388 has made the nightmare of Obama's "National Citizen's Security Force " a reality and a Defense Department directive 1404.10 essentially confirmed "Obama's Army".

Yesterday I visited the National Archives and the hall that holds our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. I went there because as our nation debates how to deal with the security challenges that we face, we must remember this enduring truth: the values and ideals in those documents are not simply words written into aging parchment, they are the bedrock of our liberty and our security. We uphold our fundamental principles and values not just because we choose to, but because we swear to. Not because they feel good, but because they help keep us safe.

Translation: The Bush Administration operated under a different "value" system than that ACLU-influenced Nancy Pelosi wing of the Democratic Party. So, classy Obama feels it necessary to call out his predecessor yet again!

Because when America strays from our values, it not only undermines the rule of law, it alienates us from our allies, it energizes our adversaries and it endangers our national security and the lives of our troops.

Again, another Bush attack.

It’s a promise that as long as I am your Commander in Chief, I will only send you into harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary, and with the strategy, the well-defined goals, the equipment and the support you need to get the job done.

Same as above.

Because as my wife Michelle has come to see in her visits with military families across the country, when a loved one is deployed, the whole family goes to war.

Mr. President, please don't insult out intelligence and mention The First Lady in the same breath as the military -- you know, the lady who only became proud of her country when it became clear she was going to become First Lady.

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