Thursday, March 5, 2009

Arrogant Obama Uses Economic Crisis To Push "Universal" Health Care; $1 Trillion Socialist Crap Will Worsen Quality Of Care!

President Obama launched his "bold" nationalized health-care plan today.

Just as Rahmbo The Ballerina said never let a good crisis go to waste, Obama continues to use the economic crisis as the impetus for passing his radical agenda.

It's our view, that the President is not terribly concerned with actually fixing the economy. Instead, he will use smoke and mirrors to covertly pass a radical Socialist agenda, establish a vast power grab for voting supremacy, and attempt to implode America from within.

“The cost of health care now causes a bankruptcy in America every thirty seconds," President Obama said at the White House forum on health care reform, a summit of 150 Democrats, Republicans, and advocates for doctors, nurses, patients, labor unions, and business groups. "By the end of the year, it could cause 1.5 million Americans to lose their homes.”

“If we want to create jobs and rebuild our economy, then we must address the crushing cost of health care this year, in this Administration," the President added. "Making investments in reform now, investments that will dramatically lower costs, won’t add to our budget deficits in the long-term – rather, it is one of the best ways to reduce them.”

It's ridiculous that Obama is radical, deceitful and dishonest enough to equate health-care reform with the economy and, for good measure, tie in the housing crisis. Obama is flat out lying again, but his dishonesty and hypocrisy is becoming old hat these days.

Besides the lies, he continues his strategy of doom and gloom, fear and loathing to pass his Radical Socialist agenda.

Disturbingly, Obama is allowing Congress to write the bill since they did such a bang up job on the CRAPulus Spending Bill! Nancy Pelosi is going to write national health care legislation? That's the most frightening thing I've ever heard!

We already know how pompous and narcissistic Obama is but what gives the Messiah so much confidence that after 60 years of debate, he and the Commun-O-crats in Congress have finally figured it all out?

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

In calling for comprehensive healthcare reform to be enacted by the end of the year, President Obama has set an ambitious goal – one that has eluded Congress for more than 60 years.

Past efforts at reform have been stymied by the complexity of the healthcare system, ideological differences between Republicans and Democrats, and the inability to make trade-offs between containing spiraling healthcare costs and ensuring that every American has access to healthcare.

But at Thursday's White House Forum on Health Reform, Mr. Obama declared "this time is different," saying the economic crisis has turned health reform into an imperative. He attributed the failure of past healthcare reform efforts to "special interests" who had their way over the "public interest."

"This time, the call for reform is coming from the bottom up, from all across the spectrum – from doctors, nurses and patients; unions and businesses; hospitals, healthcare providers and community groups," he said.

"This time, there is no debate about whether all Americans should have quality, affordable healthcare – the only question is, how?" he continued.

"The status quo is the one option that is not on the table," he said.

"And those who seek to block any reform at any cost will not prevail this time around."

"The only question is, how"?!?! My thoughts exactly! There is no way whatsoever Mr. Obama that "universal", "affordable", "quality" and "health care" will ever fit together! His arrogance is astounding!

And I'm so glad that unions and "community groups" will be at the bargaining table. I really hope we get to see the ACORN Anarchists!

Jake Tapper lays out the plan:

• Guaranteeing choice of health plans and physicians;

• Making health coverage affordable;

• Protecting families’ financial health;

• Investing in prevention and wellness;

• Providing portability of coverage;

• Aiming for universality;

• Improving patient safety and quality care; and

• Maintaining long-term fiscal sustainability.

Yeah, it all sounds great! But at what cost? In total, through the SCHIP Bill, the CRAPulus Spending Bill and the Obama budget plan, the Obama health care agenda already tops $1 Trillion!

But where will it end?

The budget calls for an effort beyond this down payment, to put the nation on a path to health insurance coverage for all Americans. However, additional funding will be needed," Obama said of the $634 Billion downpayment!

That's an ass load of money for a plan that has yet to be proven to a success - anywhere in the world!

Heritage points out these flaws:

Taking Your Own Pulse: A bipartisan health care summit may be nice window dressing, but the test of real bipartisanship is found in policy, not in photo ops. So far on health care, the President’s promise for bipartisanship is more hope than change. Since January, President Obama has signed into law over $200 billion spending to advance his health care agenda—$136 billion alone on in the stimulus—with little, if any, notion of bipartisanship.

Consolidated Power: To achieve his goals, President Obama’s health plan will need to depend on a massive top-down infrastructure to control health care dollars and decisions. Instead of empowering patients and doctors, Washington will be in charge.

Loss of Private Coverage: At a time when Americans are worried about losing their health care, the promise of a new government health plan will only undermine the private health insurance that million of Americans depend on today. Not only do government programs cost more than they project, but they also promise more than they deliver.

And all of this crap to get health care that Europe has proven as a complete and utter failure!

As Europe demonstrates, millions go without good health care under government paid systems regularly.

According to 2004 survey only 22 percent of Spaniards think their universal care system offers “satisfactory” service. It is certainly unsatisfactory that citizens there have to wait months for a simple test like an MRI. In England, patients must wait nearly a year for hip and knee replacements.

In Spain everyone pays taxes for the universal health care system. There is, however, a select group of people who get to choose. Central government civil servants can opt-out of the public system and have the government pay for their private insurance. 91 percent of civil servants choose private insurance. That is quite an endorsement of the free market’s ability to meet consumers needs better than socialized medicine.

To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh, this is exactly the sort of Socialist Legislation which I hope completely fails.

I hope, like Hillary and Bill 15 years ago, Obama's plan for Nationalized, "Social" health care becomes an abject failure.

For more on responsible health care plans, visit Heritage/Health Care.

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  1. Finally, the time has arrived to fix Americas Healthcare crisis, and Americas healthcare knightmare. Hundreds of thousands of you are killed needlessly every year by your healthcare delivery system in a rush to profit. And because of a rush to profit Hundreds of thousands more of you are needlessly dying from treatable illness that people in other developed and civilized countries don't DIE! from. Rich, middle class, and poor alike. Insured, and uninsured. Men, women, children, and babies.

    Additionally, thousands more of you are driven into financial ruin, and bankruptcy just because you, or one of your loved ones got sick or injured. And all of this is happening at a time when America spends twice as much of it's GDP (Gross Domestic Productivity) on health care than any other country in the developed world. Individual Americans spend about ten times as much on health care as any other people in the developed world. This is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. AND IT MUST END!

    But before we can truly fix this healthcare crisis and disgrace, everyone needs to clearly understand what the problem is. And everyone needs to clearly understand the real enormity of the problem. The problem is that HEALTHCARE AND MEDICAL DELIVERY IN AMERICA IS SEVERELY CORRUPTED AND COMPROMISED BY GREED! AND THE PRIVATE FOR PROFIT MOTIVE. And it is corrupted, and compromised IN EVERY ASPECT, AND EVERY PLACE OF HEALTHCARE AND MEDICAL DELIVERY. Unfortunately for all Americans, compromised healthcare ALWAYS results in needless suffering, injury, disability, and or death. Which is exactly what is happening now in America in shocking numbers.

    Health care is NOT! a private for profit business. Healthcare is an essential public service. Like police, and fire. And healthcare is also a human right! PRIVATE FOR PROFIT HEALTHCARE IS AN OXYMORON, AND AN IMMORAL AND UNETHICAL PERVERSION OF HEALTHCARE AND HUMAN RIGHTS.

    So how do we fix this healthcare disgrace? I believe the fix for Americas healthcare disaster is essentially the same thing that every other developed country in the World has essentially done. "NOT FOR PROFIT, TAX PAYER SUPPORTED, SINGLE PAYER, AUTOMATIC, FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE FOR ALL. Essentially HR676 (enhanced, and expanded medicare for all). Just like every other CIVILIZED! country in the developed World has. There is no other way to truly fix and reform our current disastrous healthcare delivery system.

    All Universal health care systems work best when everyone participates. But I know that the healthcare lobby, and some politicians will try and undermine "Not For Profit, Tax payer supported, Single payer, Automatic, Free Universal Healthcare for all" by falsely claiming that it will limit your choice, and require you to participate.

    So, I propose that everyone be included in the national plan unless they choose to opt out. If you opt out and need medical care the national plan will insure your provider that they will be reimbursed under the rules for members in the national plan. But those who opted out, and their insurer will be responsible for the FULL! cost to the national plan for providing your care if you or your private insurer fails to reimburse the provider or the national plan in a timely manor to at least the standards of the national plan.

    Including reporting you to credit agencies, withholding of taxes, leans, and garnishment of wages for unpaid medical bills. Just like you have now under private for profit healthcare, and private for profit health insurance.

    Further, people who opted out will be required to provide proof of financial responsibility for future illness or be required to participate in the national plan. And everyone with children will be required to participate in the national plan. Or provide proof of insurance coverage on each child to the standards of the national plan. It will be against the law to report anyone in the national plan to a credit agency for unpaid medical bills.

    Frankly, only a dope would want to opt out of the national plan and opt to keep our current disastrous private for profit medical, and insurance plans. But they will be free to choose. The most important thing is that the vast majority of Americans that want the protection, benefits, and higher quality of a universal national plan have that choice.

    You see, one of the most important aspects of a universal healthcare system is easy access, and patient protection. This is accomplished by having a single payer without a conflict of interest in patient care. And by having a payer who has the power to enforce minimum standards of excellence in healthcare delivery for everyone in the plan. This is much of what Medicare does now for senors. "Aeger Primo" (The patient first). Unfortunately in our healthcare system the patient comes last. We are just a peace of meat to them. Cash cows to be slaughtered for profit.

    So this is IT! my fellow Americans, My fellow human beings, My fellow World Citizens. And my fellow Cyber Warriors. :-) The time has come. D day. H hour. HEALTHCARE REFORM THIS YEAR! Let no one stand in our way. Contact your representative and tell them you want "Not For Profit, Tax Payer Supported, Single Payer, Automatic, Free Universal healthcare for all. And tell them you want that choice now. Tell them you want President Obama's budget passed as is, without delay. President Obama's budget is brilliant. And exactly what is needed now.

    President Obama, and his allies will need all the support you can give them. The healthcare lobby will try to take out his people if they can, like they did with Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer. And they will try to neutralize President Obama's popularity, and political power. Or they will try to take him down someway. Don't stand for it. If they attack him. Go after them ten times harder and remove them from office. We had an election. And you the people chose President Obama's leadership, and change agenda. Let no one in government disrespect the will of the American people and remain in office.

    To President Obama, his Cabinet, the Congress of the United States, and the Supreme Court. I have noticed for some time a disturbing tendency for key members of your bodies to come down with illness, or medical problems at critical legislative times. This may just be coincidence. But I can tell you that there are a million subtle ways to medically injure someone just by doing nothing when something needs to be done. Or by doing things to someone when nothing needs to be done except to give them reassurance. I know for a fact that there are those that would have no qualms about hurting any of you to preserve our current disgraceful medical status quo.

    So, I recommend as a matter of national security that you enlist the help of a friendly power to regularly review, and oversee the medical care you receive from your local regular healthcare providers. Briton, France and many other countries have excellent medical providers. As well as Canada. Briton, and Canada may be less of a language barrier for Americans.

    Let's get this healthcare reform done now my fellow Americans. This year. Take no prisoners.

    God Bless All Of You

    Jack Smith — Working Class :-)

  2. Brilliant article! I hope the socialist agenda fails too. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson would roll over in their graves if they could see what America has become.
    J.C. Lewis