Saturday, March 7, 2009

VIDEO: Hugo Chavez "Obama Go Wipe Your Ass!"

Hugo Chavez has a knack for making my world so much brighter!

Yesterday, the clinicially insane Chavez called on Barack Obama to embrace Socialism.

But a few days ago he told him to "wash his ass"?

Via the lunatics at The Daily Kos:

Scroll to 4:05 to hear him tell Obama "Obama vaya a lavarse ese palto," which translates to "Obama go wipe your ass!" This comes after four straight minutes of Chavez ripping the President and accusing him of being "the same as the previous administration.

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  1. and you think that Chavez made a doll for sale jajajaja truth is that people saw him by chance fanatica here in Venezuela in the portal in the collections section jejejej maybe you Also make barbie revolutionary UPSSSS