Saturday, February 21, 2009

Transparency You Have To Sue For: Fox Wins Freedom Of Information Lawsuit Against Treasury Department Over Use Of TARP Bailout Funds

Before you Bush Derangement Moonbats start barking at me like Rachel Maddow on speed, I understand this lawsuit was filed when Bush was President and Paulson was in charge of the Treasury.

However, why would Obama and Geithner, in the spirit of transparency and open government allow the court battle to continue?

Couldn't either man have come into office and just said, "okay, release the information"?

From Fox Business:
FOX Business Network has won a victory against the Treasury Department in its Freedom of Information Act request for details about the government’s bailout plan.

Judge Richard J. Holwell of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York said in a decision Friday that the government is directed to comply with FOX Business’s request under the FOIA “within 30 days and to produce a Vaughn index with 45 days.”

That means Treasury must comply with FOX Business’s request by Monday, March 23, and must produce a Vaughn index by Monday, April 6.

A Vaughn index details which documents have been withheld and why.

FOX Business sued Treasury on Dec. 18 over failure to provide information on the bailout funds or respond to FBN’s expedited requests filed under the FOIA.

The initial request, filed on Nov. 25, sought actual data on the use of the bailout funds for American International Group (AIG) and the Bank of New York Mellon (BK), and an additional request, filed on Dec. 1, sought similar data on the bailout funds for Citigroup (C).

FBN asked the Treasury Department to identify, among other issues, the troubled assets purchased, any collateral extended, and any restrictions placed on these
financial institutions for their participation in this program.

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