Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Attention Denver Conservatives: President Obama To Be Met With Anti-Pork Pig Roast; Join the Cause!

Today, a successful anti-stimulus protest took place in Seattle.

Michelle Malkin promised more pork to greet Obama tomorrow as he signs the CRAPulus Generational Theft Act into law:

The movement continues in Denver tomorrow. Colorado Americans for Prosperity is organizing a protest countering President Obama’s visit to the city to sign the porkulus legislation at an exclusive, invitation-only event at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in City Park. Protesters will gather at the west steps of the Capitol (Lincoln Street, between 14th and Colfax) from 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mountain time.

I am making good on my promise to deliver a roasted pig to the event.

Join us!

***More info at Obama: You Don’t Know Stimulus.***

I’ve heard from readers in Nashville and NYC who are trying to organize events of their own. What are you doing? From the Boston Tea Party…to the Denver Pig Roast. Show Schmucky and the generational thieves you care, you count, and you’re ready to move from melting the phones to pounding the pavement for fiscal responsibility.


More info on the Denver Pig Roast from Slapstick Politics.

Also coming: My friends at the Independence Institute and PPC/Rocky Mountain Alliance.


Good luck Michelle! You go girl!

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