Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hugo Chavez in Tight Battle To Stay In Power, Venezuelans Vote On Term Limits

In related news, Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) is doing cartwheels. Rep. Serrano thinks Barack Obama will be such a great President, that we'll never need another one. Anyone tell Bill Clinton about this?

For other news on Totalitaianism, read the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment CRAPulus Spending Bill soon to be signed by President Obama.

***Update From JammieWearingFool: Bye Bye Venezuela: Chavez Wins Referendum, Gets to Run Again

From Reuters:

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelans voted on Sunday in a referendum on allowing socialist President Hugo Chavez to stay in power for as long as he keeps winning elections in the OPEC nation and both camps expressed optimism they had won.

Chavez, who has been a decade in power spending freely on schools and clinics for the poor and opposing U.S. influence in Latin America, says he needs at least another 10 years for his revolution to take root in South America's top oil exporter.

Officials from both camps said their exit polls showed their side had won, but they did not publish their results.

The mood in Chavez's camp was jubilant.

Government officials chanted "Victory to the people" at a news conference. The spokesman for the "Yes" campaign, Jorge Rodriguez, said the government was waiting for the official results "with a smile on our faces."

An anonymous source with absolutely zero credibility from our New York Bureau conducted an exclusive, completely fictitious interview with President Obama.

Obama allegedly exclaimed, "Hooray for radical dictatorships in the Western Hemisphere! Totalitarianism loves company!"

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