Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Looks Like Pepsi Not Only Stole Obama's Logo; They Stole His Obamanomics As Well! Less For More! Screw The People!

From Right Wing News:

Lite fare for your evening entertainment. Marketing Shift finds out something interesting about the new Pepsi marketing style (besides the gawdawful Obambi style logo)

During your last trip to the grocery store, you may have noticed a few changes in the soft drink aisle. If you're a fan of Pepsi, Mug Root Beer, Sierra Mistor Mountain Dew, you probably already know what I'm talking about.

Pepsi Bottling Group has officially applied the "smaller is better" philosophy to its packaging. The 12-pack we've all become accustomed to has been temporarily phased-out and replaced by an 8-pack in 20% of America's stores, including the state of Florida, my home state.

Pepsi claims higher prices for energy and food combined to raise expenses by 11%/ They're betting the 8-pack will appear as a better value to consumers. Who does Pepsi think they're fooling?

The 8-pack might be easier to carry around, but that's where the "value" ends for me. I'm used to paying about $3.50 to $4.50 for a 12-pack, $10 for three 12-packs during specials. I just paid $3.50 for the new 8-pack at Publix, which shows that Pepsi is out of touch with the average shopper.

Hmm, so, like the Messiah Pepsi is trying to cash in on, they are, well, since this will be cross-posted at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU, as well as my site, Pirate's Cove, I'll avoid using words and phrases like screwing us, hosing us, boning us.....ah, um, well, too late. Why am I starting to think this will be like Obama's plans, less for more?

Check out Marketing Shift's follow up post, too.


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  1. Pepsi also needs to keep in mind that they are facing a boycott by the American Family Association for throwing a bunch of money at gay and lesbian groups and not staying neutral in the culture wars.