Friday, September 4, 2009

Montel Williams Urges Rep Bachmann to 'Slit Her Wrist' on Air America (Audio)

Air America Radio host Montel Williams tells GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann to slit her wrist. He instructed her to go even further and "start right at the collarbone."

Ok. First, I love Michele Bachmann. Her "slit our wrist" comment was a metaphor for "blood brothers" to unite against Obamacare.

Second, who the hell gave Montel Williams any political clout? Being the national spokesman of the socialist welfare program Partnership for Prescription Assistance?

Third, to Montel; your career history as a talk-show host gives you about as much street cred as Olber(wo)mann's Sportscenter experience.

Lay off the medical marijuana for a bit, eh, Montel?

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1 comment:

  1. Maybe Montel aught to go first, ya know, as a sign of good faith?