Friday, September 4, 2009

Keith Olber(wo)mann Goes Off the Deep End As He Attempts To Disprove Glenn Beck's Communist "Red Scare" (Video)

Keith. Wake up. Without calling your false idol the anti-Christ, this is the most radical, dangerous and nearly communist administration in United States history.

Every time Olber(wo)mann opens his mouth, he simply shows how much MS NBC (owned by GE) is in the proverbial tank for Obama.

State-run media at its finest.

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  1. What a total crack-up. Hey, Keith, Fox News prime time rank is #3, MSNBC's prime time rank is #25. Glenn Beck's show is #3 in cable news shows. Countdown is #12. Gee, maybe that is what ol' Keith is really upset about.

  2. You have to admit, Glenn Beck is nuttier than a giant mound of squirrel crap.

    Conservatives really need to distance themselves from lunatics like him if they want to be taken seriously. Heh!