Monday, August 10, 2009

Olbermann Special Comment On "Conservative Scare Tactics" (Video)

Gee...I wonder who Olberasshole voted for...

"Birthers... Laughable from the moment they open their mouths..." The remainder of a "Special Comment" devoted to other crazy conservatives like Glenn Beck, and their contribution to health care outrage, because "it is hardly all Sarah Palin," Keith Olbermann says.

Anyone else remember how this OlberDick treated and criticized President Bush? Far worse statements and actions that simple town hall protests. Liberal, fascist, hypocrite, worthless Keith Olbermann. It's not the Conservatives igniting violence and unrest; it is your man crush Barack Obama Keith who is the Inciter-In-Chief.

Go back to Sportscenter you vile scumbag. You are not even worthy to serve as Rachel Maddow's tampon!

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  1. Obama hasn't changed any of Bush's post 9/11 policies. Except of course blocking a news agency from access. Most of what he says in this rant applies to Obama. Read what bill Keith? Which Bill Kieth? This is a new tactic flood the docket with various forms of the same thing.

    Bi-Partisanship is dead in O' world.

  2. Watching "Teeth Oh-der-mans" diatribe on
    conservatives stirs the following thoughts:

    . "Teeth" should bless the Fox network
    daily, it's the only source of
    material for his show. So much added
    air time for Fox at NBC's expense!

    . He reminds me of one of those
    boardwalk machines that you insert
    2 cents in and you get some puffy
    words of "wisdom" at the end of
    which he throws some paper at you!

    . Watching Sunday Night Football has
    become a guessing game as to how
    long before "Teeth" begins to
    pontificate on how the officials'
    poor calls are a result of Limbaugh's
    power grab, or the latest "hot" news
    is Sarah secretly wants to be a Dallas