Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michael Steele: Palin's Talk Of A "Death Panel" Is "Perfectly Appropriate" (Video)

RNC Chair Michael Steele defends Sarah Palin's assessment of Obamacare.

Senior citizens, among others, will suffer under this plan.

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  1. Well, I'm willing to ignore everything Michael Steele says anyway.

    But I guess Sarah Palin wanted to get out that Facebook thing about "death panels" because she didn't want to face questions about her own state "death panels."

    State programs intended to help disabled and elderly Alaskans with daily life -- taking a bath, eating dinner, getting to the bathroom -- are so poorly managed, the state cannot assure the health and well-being of the people they are supposed to serve...

    A particularly alarming finding concerns deaths of adults in the programs. In one 2 1/2 year stretch, 227 adults already getting services died while waiting for a nurse to reassess their needs. Another 27 died waiting for their initial assessment, to see if they qualified for help.

    The programs at issue provide in-home help for thousands of Alaskans with the basics of life, from medication to meals. The goal is to help people stay in their own homes rather than go into nursing homes or other institutions.

    But I guess she'd rather quit than face questions like that.

  2. Nameless Cynic, you're an idiot. STFU and do the world a favor and just kill yourself.

  3. A shining example of civil discourse and thoughtful debate of the issues on the conservative side of the aisle.

  4. People talk of theese death panels as if large insurance company's don't decide who they will deny coverage to, and the insuarce company's are probably harsher than the goverment could be because they are motivatedby profit, while the goverment would be motivated by health.