Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arlen Specter Town Hall Goer: "The Country is Being Slowly Ripped Apart"

Katy Abram, who attended Arlen Specter's town hall meeting in Pennsylvania, discusses her found interest in politics.

This is what grass roots is all about! This is not a Democrat or Republican debate. It's and American debate.

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  1. Thank you, Katy Abram. One of the few who knows that within Constitutional bounds, let alone the original spirit of the Constitution, none of this could be remotely possible.
    Specter is an idiot if he thinks the forfathers ever inteded the feds to be ACTUATORS. They were to be protectors ONLY! Of jurisprudence, defense and most of all Liberty.
    Now theyre a blight on all of those. Activist Sublime Court, usurption of intelligence and trying to underfund truops, and now a friggin HITLERISTIC takover of all big business,a couterfiet mob destroying confidence and engaging in racketeering.

    This must be STOPPED and REVERSED, and we can't count of the feds to stop it.
    We need an Elliot Ness! This time aimed AT the feds.

    God bless you.
    You spoke the heart of a true patriot.

  2. Thank you Katie. You spoke for so many of us.You should run for office. My hat is off to you.
    God Bless you Katie!

  3. God bless you Katie. YES, run for office!

  4. She didn't just get interested in politcs over this bill. She's a 912 minion.


  5. A 912 minion? I was a few seats away from her. She was a genuine patriot. So, does your affiliate with Code Pink or Move On classify you as a minion?

  6. People like this have never taken the time to actually read the US Constitution. They throw the word around so often as if they have a clue of the actual content. Just like Obama will take away everyone's guns, and how the federal government is planning to control the population with a deadly swine flu vaccination. The uninformed people of this country need to wake up fast... Maybe read something other than a wacko blog or Sean Hannity Post. These people remind me of the crazed 9/11 conspirists who'd scream and act nutty during public forums and speeches. In such a public setting. People should compose themselves decently, instead of acting like savages drowning everyone out and all. Especially with such distorted garbage.