Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Granny, 87, Kills Venomous Rattler With Bare Hands

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I wonder how an 87-year old with a snake bite would be treated under "Obamacare"? Go granny! You rock!

From NBC Miami:

An 87-year-old Tampa woman had had it with the motherloving snakes on her motherloving porch.

So when a seven-inch pygmy rattlesnake slithered up to Esther Orring's door and bit her on the hand, she got even, strangling the venomous little serpent with her bare hands.

"She's a tough lady," Orring's daughter, Maria Pellicone, told WFLA. "She's a very strong person, so she will be a survivor."

Orring has been hospitalized since the Monday incident, after she was administered several vials of antivenin.

But the well-gripped granny is expected to make a full recovery, and Pellicone says she'll have the dead snake framed for her.

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