Monday, December 8, 2008

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wants a "Car Czar"? Liberal Socialism?

Congressional Democrats and the White House are working on a $15 billion bailout for U.S. auto makers - complete with a "car czar" to oversee the industry.

Great. Let's put more government oversight into the bailout disaster. Anyone qualified to be a Car Czar ought to be CEO of one of the Big 3 automakers.

A governement with a partial ownership of any American company is akin to
central planning, common amongst socialist and communist idealogies.

WikiPedia Defintion of Central Planning:

Economic interventionism or central economic planning is any action taken by a government, beyond the basic regulation of fraud and enforcement of contracts, in an effort to affect its own economy. Economic intervention can be aimed at a variety of political or economic objectives, such as promoting economic growth, increasing employment, raising wages, raising or reducing prices, promoting equality, managing the money supply and interest rates, or addressing market failures. The intervention may to direct, or indirect as in the case of indicative planning. When this economic planning is extensive, the economy is referred to as a planned economy.
Economic interventionism is generally associated with the political left (socialist, left-wing liberal or green parties) which believes that certain market outcomes are undesirable and ought to be mitigated. Economic interventionism is sometimes practised by national conservative parties with the thinking that the free market can damage national traditions, social order, or the authority of the state itself.

You Decide! Good Economic Philosophy? Or Socialism?

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