Sunday, December 7, 2008

New York Times OpEd: Disgusting, Hateful, Arrogant Proof of Liberal Media Bias

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The Times actually published this piece of garbage! Publisher's are free to give book deals to whomever they choose. It's part of the American spirit to venture into any realm we choose. Who are Timothy Egan and the NY Times to be the arbiters of whom should be allowed to pen a book?

Liberal, elite media. That's who.

Then again, who ever said Libs understand free market enterprise, capitalist spirit and free speech. But of course, it's perfectly fine for the Savior Obama to pen anything he wants because he is the poster child for liberalism. Liberals support free speech only when it supports their cause.

Liberals are the party of the working class, right? Not when they slander and attack hard working citizens like Joe the Plumber. But in the elite media's mind, "How dare he question the Chosen One?"

Liberals are also the party of inclusion and acceptance? Not when it comes to Sarah Palin. The Elite New York/Los Angeles fail to recognize that most American's have more in common with Joe and Sarah than with Timothy and Barack.

How dare you use your inalienable right to free speech to attack someone else for exercising his you Liberal Hypocrites!

Egan sounds like another whiny, bitter Liberal pointing out the failures of others to suppress his own insecurities.

We support a full boycott of The New York Times.

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