Sunday, December 14, 2008

Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoe at President Bush...Who Throws a Shoe, Honestly!

President Bush made a surprise visit to troops in Iraq on Sunday when an angry Iraqi Journalist threw his shoes at the President.

The President was in Iraq to sign the US Iraq accord that will replace a current UN pact, and keep US Troops in the country through 2011.

It's nice to see how much the Iraqis appreciate their new found freedom of speech and freedom of press.

A little gratitude would be nice, but President Bush took it lightly during what will likely be his final visit to Iraq.

Unfortunately for this Iraqi reporter, Saddam Hussein is no longer in power. The former dictator would have surely tortured and murdered this man. Again, he should count himself lucky that President Bush and the US military have granted him freedoms he would never have under Saddam.

This is the kind of behavior one would expect from the anti-Bush leftist American media sooner than a liberated Iraqi!

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