Thursday, December 18, 2008

Praise Obama! Pastor Rick Warren to Appear at Inauguration

In the spirit of balance, we commend President-Elect Obama for choosing Rick Warren to give the invocation at next month's Inauguration Ceremonies.

Yet once again, the radical Gay Rights Movement has resorted to angry protests to show their disgust with the choice.

Warren's Evangelical views on many social issues are well-known, including his stance against same-sex marriage.

On Thursday, Obama defended his decision, saying "I would note that a couple of years ago, I was invited to Rick Warren's church to speak, despite his awareness that I held views that were entirely contrary to his when it came to gay and lesbian rights, when it came to issues like abortion."

"And that dialogue, I think, is part of what my campaign's been all about: That we're not going to agree on every single issue, but what we have to do is to be able to create an atmosphere ... where we can disagree without being disagreeable and then focus on those things that we hold in common as Americans."

Again, we applaud Obama for choosing tolerance and acceptance over hatred and anger.

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