Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Former Blagojevich Aide to Please Guilty in Plea Deal. Is More Singing on the Horizon?

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Christopher Kelly, a former campaign adviser and close confidante of Gov. Blagojevich, will plead guilty to Federal tax evasion charges in January.

For more on his relationship with the Governor, check out an article from last years Chicago Tribune.

In addition, we've also found an interview that the Daily Southtown conducted with Blago in October, 2006, the same week that Tony Rezko was indicted for taking kickbacks from firms seeking state business.

  • Q: Are you confident that Chris Kelly is not going to be indicted?
  • A: Yeah. Yes. They're two different people, by the way, and it's a different relationship. Chris and I are much closer. Chris is the head of my political campaign. That's someone I talk to a lot more frequently. I'm confident, yes.
  • Q: What happened five months ago that you had this final, last conversation with Tony Rezko? What was the last conversation and why was it the last one?
  • A: It was four or five months ago; could have been at an event somewhere that I saw him. It was fine.
  • Q: Were you starting to distance yourself from him at that point?
  • A: Not all. I think I need to explain the extent of the relationship. He's not an exclusive friend of mine. He was a supporter of mine. He doesn't have a formal position in our campaign. He never did. He made some recommendations during the transition and during the first year we were building an administration, but for the most part, that's it. I think some of the talk that he's this big adviser is frankly overblown.It's different with Chris. I'd be shocked. I'm very confident in Chris.

So, here's what we know. Both Chris Kelly and Tony Rezko raised money and were advisers to Rod Blagojevich. Tony Rezko raised money for Barack Obama. Rezko, Obama and Rahm Emanual supported Blagojevich during his gubernatorial run. Emanual gave Blagojevich a list of Senate candidates to replace Obama. Emanual and Blagojevich served the same congressional district. Emanuam is Obama's Chief of Staff. Blagojevich was arrested for corruption charges.

And Obama once again knows nothing. Right. We're just not buying it.

Oh, and Patti Blagojevich had suspicious real estate dealings with Tony Rezko. And we all know Rezko and Obama's tale.

Just saying.

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