Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lick My Shoes! Obama Insults Israel Again!

Jihad Watch reports:

Allegedly this is a sign of contempt in Arab culture. And certainly it would be consistent with Obama's other signs of contempt for Israel and its attempts to defend itself against the global jihad.

Granted, this would appear to be a minor faux pas in America, but one would assume the savvy Obama Team would know better. Not to mention, besides insulting Israel, isn't this a tad insulting to the Oval Office?

Israeli TV newscasters Tuesday night interpreted a photo taken Monday in the Oval Office of President Obama talking on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an "insult" to Israel.

They saw the incident as somewhat akin to an incident last year, when the Iraqi reporter threw a shoe at President Bush in Baghdad.

World Net Daily reports on how radical Islamic extremists are celebrating this as a victory:

Some Islamic terrorists here are viewing an image of President Obama showing the sole of his shoes while on the telephone with Israel's prime minister as a message of humiliation aimed at Israel.

"This is worse than a slap in the face. It's a sign of humiliation that shows Obama thinks the Israeli government and the Jews don't deserve more than shoes," Abu Mujaheed, the spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization told WND.

"This proves Obama is disgusted with the Israelis. He understands how U.S. support to Israel brought all this hatred toward the U.S. in the world. With Obama's shoes, change will come," he said.

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  1. I wonder if Obama's slights of Israel had anything to do with the murders at the Holocust museum. According to the left Limbaugh and other conservatives are at fault for similar things so I guess it must be true.

  2. "Allegedly this is a sign of contempt in Arab culture. And certainly it would be consistent with Obama's other signs of contempt for Israel"

    Say What??? It's an insult to Arabs, so Israelis (who are Not Arabs) should be offended???

    Methinks some people are more than a trifle thin skinned..and worse, serioulsy paranoid...

    Do you really think he planned to be photographed with his feet on the desk so some Jew would see the photo, and think he was deliberately insulting Jews by doing something that is offensive to Arabs??


  3. The amazing aspect to this photo is that there appears to be worn shoe leather on this man's shoes. Remarkable really, when you consider this guy has been carried and coddled his entire life. He has led a soft and self-indulgent life and is in no position morally or otherwise, to ever lecture a single Israeli on how to exist in one of the world's truly tough neighborhoods. Unfortunately for him perhaps, he cannot send in one of his acorn operatives to somehow illegally foster change in the Middle East, as he sees fit. He appears to be in his full, junior college professor lecturing mode, just so cool with his feet on the desk in an office he is so ill- equipped to even occupy!

  4. The comment of June 15, 2009 is not from the "Anonymous" of June 11, 2009. Just to set the record straight. By the way, how are obama and God different? God doesn't think he's obama!