Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Harry Reid: "I Make No Apologies" On Medicaid Deal

“I make absolutely no apologies, none, for helping people in my state” -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Wait. The rest of us are supposed to pay for Medicaid for Reid's Nevada as well as Michigan, Oregon and Rhode Island? This would not have anything to do with Reid's plummeting poll numbers in Nevada, would it?

The Baucus' health care bill hopes to broaden eligibility for Medicaid, the government's existing program for low income citizens, but states would likely shoulder a greater portion of the cost in providing expanded coverage... unless, of course, you are Harry Reid.

Seriously, I don't want to pay for this stuff in my own state; let alone Harry Reid's!

Then again, this is same man who claimed last year that "taxation is voluntary". That comment, derided at the time, was proved correct when President Obama began his cabinet appointments

From Reid's Official Website:

Washington, D.C. -- Nevada Senator Harry Reid today went on the offense speaking on the Senate floor regarding his work to help his state cover Nevadans as part of health insurance reform. As part of an agreement with the Senate Finance Chairman, Reid secured a deal providing the state full federal funding for people added to Nevada Medicaid under the program expansion included in the legislation. Under this deal, federal Medicaid dollars flowing into Nevada will increase by more than 30 percent while the state will only have to increase its funding by 1.6 percent.

“Our unemployment rate is more than 13%. The people of Nevada are hurting, and I make absolutely no apologies, none, for helping people in my state and our nation who are hurting the most,” Reid said. “And that’s why we’re supporting Nevada’s Medicaid program. In fact, Mr. President, that’s what our entire health care debate is all about, helping those who are hurting. That’s what our entire jobs are all about. Yours, Mr. President, and mine, looking out for constituents who give us the uncomparable honor of representing them and serving their interests.”

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