Friday, July 24, 2009

Where's the Birth Certificate, Mr. Soetoro? (Video)

Lou Dobbs and Rep. Ted Poe discuss a bill that, if passed and signed into law, would require future presidential candidates to prove they are natural born US citizens before running for office. The NWO puppet in the White House hasnt done so, and CNNs obnoxious and bombastic Roland Martin goes ballistic. He thinks that we should take Obama at his word that he was born in Hawaii. And this after Obama has proven himself to be a bald faced liar time and time again.

I find it hard to believe that this is not already a law, consider it's clearly stated in the Constitution the qualifications to be President. I would have assumed this would already be part of the FEC documentation required to file to run for the office. But no such law exists?

Where is it? Just show the copy and move on!

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  1. How about this?

  2. If Barack Obama wasn't born in Hawaii then where was he born? Show us the Birth Certificate Mr. Dobbs.

  3. Oh good Lord, you're a birther??? I seem to recall a long time ago that you actually posted that this was a ridulous attack best forgotten (could be wrong, but I think so). You were right, there are pics, there are records, there is all kind of evidence, end of story already!

  4. I never said it was ridiculous; just said it will probably never been known.

    If it truly is not a big deal, where is the certificate? Where is the transperency?

    If Obama has nothing to hide then prove it and the conspiracy will go away.

  5. The certificate is everywhere!

    The fact that you don't find this completely crazy says much about you and how seriously to take your views. Tin hat anyone?

  6. first off. this last person is to ignorant to be posting anything. the birth certificate they released is a "certified copy" produced by the poeple covering it up. ANYONE with basic computer skills can have that made in the computer system and print it out. the real birth certificate would have been typed. laser printers did not exist when he was born. releasing that "copy" is good for nothing but keeping stupid people stupid. verrified that the copy they received was not a forgery. the copy they received was not a forgery, the information used to make it was a forgery. the certificate shows his name to be barrack obama. that was not his name when he was born. Everyone should do their OWN research. all mainstream media are controlled by politicians.