Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Is A Jerk Again! Lynn Sweet Dissed At Obama News Conference (Video)

Lynn Sweet is a columnist and blogger for the the Chicago Sun Times. She was highly critical of the Rod Blagojevich/Roland Burris/Barack Obama scandal.

A moment of confusion at President Obama's primetime news conference where he goes to Lynn Sweet, but he is then told to go to Steve Koff. "That's not fair, shame on you."

Right before, he tells a reporter that he won't get a public option because "I'm the President of the United States, and I got a doctor following me around every minute."

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  1. Wow, you have issue with anything this guys says! He wasn't a jerk, he was being honest in a funny way about how this wasn't about him personally that he's got all the healthcare anyone could ask for, as does every president. And he didn't diss Lynn Sweet, it was a mixup and not a big deal to anyone but you. Finally, Lynn Sweet was not critical of Obama during the Blago/Burris scandal. It had and has nothing to do with Obama and while I heard and read much by her, I don't recall any criticism of the president. By all means, post a link if I'm wrong but that still wouldn't have anything to do with this press conf.

  2. Blagogate had everything to do with Obama; it was HIS Senate seat? You honestly think that no one from the Obama Team had any contact with Blagojevich?

    Obama=Blago=Burris=Rezko, etc. It's Chicago politics. Pure and simple. And Obama is knee dip in all of it, I assure you.