Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obama's New Fascist Show, 'Dancing With The Czars' (Video)

A pox on all these Czars! 32 and counting?

The problem with the "Czars" is they are not held accountable to anything or anyone other than Obama. It defies the checks and balances system defined by our Constitution.

The various Cabinet Secretaries are approved with the "advice and consent" of Congress. Czars are not confirmed by anyone other than Obama and he continues to usurp authority and lead us towards a dictatorship.

Keep in mind, Carol Browner, for example, makes $172,000/year for her job as "Assistant to The President for Energy and Climate Change, aka "Energy Czar". On average Obama's Czars make over $100,000 annually.

Total cost? Between $3-5 Million a year. Small price to pay for totalitarianism; especially when it's other people's money.

And you won't hear the administration or the media discuss this irresponsible waste of money.

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