Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bombshell: Deployment Orders Revoked for Soldier Challenging Obama's Birth Certificate (Video)

A US soldier has refused to be deployed, citing the fact that Barack Obama is not the legitimate Commander-in-Chief because he was not born in the United States.

World Net Daily reports:

A U.S. Army Reserve major from Florida scheduled to report for deployment to Afghanistan within days has had his military orders revoked after arguing he should not be required to serve under a president who has not proven his eligibility for office.

His attorney, Orly Taitz, confirmed to WND the military has rescinded his impending deployment orders.

"We won! We won before we even arrived," she said with excitement. "It means that the military has nothing to show for Obama. It means that the military has directly responded by saying Obama is illegitimate – and they cannot fight it. Therefore, they are revoking the order!"

She continued, "They just said, 'Order revoked.' No explanation. No reasons – just revoked."

A hearing on the questions raised by Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, an engineer who told WND he wants to serve his country in Afghanistan, was scheduled for July 16 at 9:30 a.m.

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1 comment:

    There are plenty of brave men and women (yes, those same ones that need "protecting"!) who may not like Obama but are out there giving it their best. They didn't seek to keep their soldiers' pay while sitting it out on the sidelines with some lame political agenda to hide behind. Even those the conservatives would have thrown out of the military, GAYS, are out there showing what they're made of. Were I deployed, I certainly wouldn't want this yellowbellied whiner for my backup.

    "Hero", my ass. All the heroes are already deployed or will soon join their brethren with honor.