Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prop 8: The Musical? Disgraceful Hollywood Actors Stick Their Nose at Voters

We have made an effort to refrain from commenting on California's controversial Proposition 8 vote where 52% of the state's voters supported a measure to limit marriage to a union between a man and a woman.

The above video proves a few things:

  1. Hollywood liberals cannot keep their mouths shut.
  2. Liberals as a whole cannot accept defeat (see Al Gore, Al Franken, etc)
  3. It would seem that these celebrities support the harassment and violence associated with post-election protests.
  4. They should all stay out of Politics!

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  1. 1. Even Hollywood knows when a minorities rights are being violated. What a shame if no one spoke up.

    2. What if people desiring interracial marriage just accepted defeat? Or womens right to vote, child labor laws, and many others?

    3. Okay, no sane and rational person supports harassment or violence. Plus it happens on both sides of this issue.

    4. By "they", I believe you mean actors? Actually I agree. Personally, I never look to actors or hollywood when making my decision on who, or what to vote for or against at the polls.

  2. Mob mentality picking on litlle old ladies and shouting down all voices of dissent while simultaniously calling all those who differ with their radical views "hateful," and showing NO TOLERANCE AT ALL, actually IS about all about rights.

    This is all about radical homosexual agendas proceeding in trying to take away American's right to freedom of belief - and to practice those beliefs - freedom of religion, freedom to pass on differing religious views to children, freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom from harassment and acts of intimidation, freedom from acts of violence, freedom from job discrimination, and freedom from being a scapegoat by leftist just because they want their voices heard in our political democracy.

    Read more about this subject at my blog.


  3. There isn't any homosexual trying to take away rights from religous people. Have not heard of any homosexual trying to get married at a church that didn't believe in that type of union. All the marriages on tv here in California were performed at a courthouse while it was legal.

    The whole mob thing is only being done by low precentage of the prop 8 opponents. Most are fighting it in the most civil way they can.

    Also if marriage was all about religion it be a different story. Its not though. As far as the government is concerned its a legal union. A marriage license is obtained at and kept by the courts.

    As for "keeping traditional marriage". In Gods eyes there is no such thing as divorce. It truly is till death do you part. Fix that first then talk about gay marriage.