Monday, December 1, 2008

In Their Own Words: Hillary, Barack and Others From the Campaign Trail


Obama said that experience is “not just what world leaders I went and talked to at the ambassador’s house; who I had tea with.”

Hillary Clinton on Obama: “With all due respect,” she told a crowd in Iowa. “I don’t think living in a foreign country between the ages of 6 and 10 is foreign policy experience.”

Obama: "The stakes are too high ... to play the same old Washington games with the same old Washington players."

Greg Craig, White House counsel in the Obama administration: "She (Hillary Clinton) did not sit in on any National Security Council meetings when she was first lady....There is no reason to believe ... that she was a key player in foreign policy at any time during the Clinton administration."

Hillary again: “We’ve seen the tragic result of having a president who had neither the experience nor the wisdom to manage our foreign policy and safeguard our national security,” Clinton told students at George Washington University during a campaign stop. “We cannot let that happen again. America has already taken that chance one time too many.”

Susan Rice, nominee for UN Ambassador: "There is no crisis to be dealt with or managed when you are first lady. You don't get that kind of experience by being married to a commander in chief."

Clinton on Obama pledging to meet with leaders of rogue nations such as Iran without preconditions: "I thought that was irresponsible, and frankly naive."

Clinton on Obama's promise to hold Pakistan accountable to counter-terrorism efforts: "He wavers from seeming to believe that mediation and meetings without preconditions can solve some of the world's most intractable problems to advocating rash, unilateral military action without the cooperation of our allies in the most sensitive part of the world."

Znigniew Brzezinski, former Carter NSA Advisor and Obama supporter: "Being a former first lady doesn't prepare you to be president," Clinton's foreign-policy approach is "very conventional...I don't think the country needs to go back to what we had eight years ago."

Craig again on Hillary using her First Lady credentials as foreign policy experience: "I think it's exaggeration. It's inflated resume. It's in that category."

and finally...

Obama on his credentials: "Foreign policy is the area where I am probably most confident that I know more and understand the world better than Senator Clinton or Senator McCain."

Clinton's reply: "Well I'm somewhat shocked by that since I don't see any evidence of it. . . . I'm speechless. Making an assertion like that belies the facts and the record."


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