Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrror in India Reminds Us War is Far From Over

The recent attacks in Mumbai, India stand as a reminder to the world why we are fighting a war on terror.

American support has waned dramatically in recent months and years and the issue was a hot-button campaign topic this past year. However, America must continue to be a global leader in the fight against terrorism. Though many point to miscues and mistakes in Iraq as a reason to remove American troops from the middle-eastern theater, we encourage President-Elect Obama to fulfill his promise of continuing the battle the evil that exists throughout the world.

All around the globe, there exist radical sects of Muslim Extremists who threaten democracy, freedom and liberty. Mr. Obama has pledged to commit resources into Afghanistan and to hold the Pakistani government accountable to counter terrorism efforts.

However, the attacks in India have distinct ties to al-Qaeda. An unfamiliar group claimed responsibility but the attacks have distinct markings of Kashmiri-based Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET). Reports have linked both al-Qaeda as well as Pakistan's spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence to LET.

Initially, Pakistan was to send its ISI chief to India to share intelligence, but President Asif Ali Zardari succumbed to internal pressure and sent a lower representative instead.

The facts are quite frightening. The connection between Pakistan, al-Qaeda and Muslim Extremists is quite obvious to us. Further, the devastation and tragedy in Mumbai were sophisticated and organized yet went undetected as a result of the relative simplicity.

It should serve as a reminder to Americans that we cannot afford to become complacent in our views of the war on terror. It is a reality that radicals around the world are hoping to destroy our way of life. We cannot afford to destroy ourselves from within and attack the integrity and motivation of our leaders with respect to the safety of Americans. Ideological differences are encouraged by our Constitution, but we must forever respect the offices of our leaders and abstain from personal attacks.

Again, we implore Mr. Obama to continue to pro-actively combat these savages and protect Americans and our interests around the world.

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