Thursday, January 28, 2010

Justice Alito To Obama: "Not True"

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito shooked his head no, and mouthed "not true," while President Obama criticized the Supreme Court for their recent decision permitting lobbyists and corporations to exert more influence on elections.

How does a President insult the Supreme Court? What a jerk.

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  1. Alito is right. Obama was denied the power to ban books, films... likely talk radio and websites too.

    He was mad.

  2. I am a liberal and at first I felt a little uncomfortable when the President said that however what he said was true and it needed to be said. Even you a conservative know what the President said is true. I do not understand why conservative are not up in arms over the Supreme Court's decision. It was clearly an activist decision, something conservatives are always accusing liberal judges of.This a democracy and we have co-equal branches of government.
    The Supreme Court can disagree with the Executive branch and the Executive branch can disagree with the Supreme Court. Also activist judges should be called out when they make should a blatant activist ruling.