Sunday, October 18, 2009

Danny Bonaduce: Glenn Beck Caused Me To Start Drinking Again

The Media Left and Hollywood Left make me vomit. Joy Behar is one of the most vile human beings to grace television in quite some time.

As for Bonaduce, was he ever relevant?

Shocking that CNN would side with Obama in the War On Fox, huh? It would be really nice if Team "O" would focus its efforts on the "War on Terror", Afghanistan, etc instead of continuing its assault on private industry.

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  1. Thanks, CNN for having these four idiots together. At least they are off the street for an hour.

  2. A tale of two marches on Washington....

    One took place in the late summer of 1963, the other in the late summer of 2009. One was promoted by a preacher from Georgia named Martin Luther King, the other by a former "shock jock" from the state of Washington named Glenn Beck. Ouch! Even mentioning the two of them in the same paragraph is somehow disconcerting.

    In 1963, the the people were singing, We Shall Overcome.

    Forty-six years later, the chant was, We Shall Undermine.

    In 1963, a vast and varied demographic of the American people - all races and religions - descended on the nation's capitol to peaceably and nonviolently protest an injustice that was occurring in certain areas of the country to people of a certain skin pigmentation.

    Forty-six years later, a Convention of Pissed-Off White People - united only by the fact that they were all habitual viewers of a single cable news channel - rolled into Washington to hurl invective at an African American president for creating a mess that he had absolutely nothing to do with creating.

    In 1963, the signs people held up were optimistic: "With Liberty and Justice for All."

    Forty-six years later, the signs were ominous: "We Came Unarmed - THIS TIME!"

    On August 28, 1963, the hearts of people who marched on the city of Washington DC were filled with love and hope.

    On September 12, 2009 they were just full of shit.

    Let us boil the comparisons down to their juicy essentials, shall we? Martin Luther King had a dream. Glenn Beck has a scheme.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  3. off the street for an hour and instead on nationwide t.v.. you neo cons make no logical sense.

  4. It's a good thing we have celebrities to tell us what to do. Here's the leading video in Glenn Beck's national video contest for his Arguing with Idiots book. It makes fun of the progressive view of "New America" and promotes the ideals of the 9.12 project: