Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe Wilson: "I Am Not Going To Apologize Again" (Video)

American Hero Joe "You Lie!" Wilson stands firm that he will not apologize for his remarks again despite calls for such action by partisan Democrats seeking to score cheap political points.

Wilson has already apologized at least twice for his remarks, including once to the White House. Barack Obama has accepted Wilson's apology.

Just days after shouting "You lie!" at President Obama, Wilson appears on "Fox News Sunday" and tells Chris Wallace that it is not necessary to issue another apology, as demanded by the House in lieu of censure.

"I am not going to apologize again," Wilson said on "Fox News Sunday." "I apologized to the president on Wednesday night. ... I believe that is sufficient."

He added that one of his sons told him he had a "town hall moment" during his interruption. "It was out of frustration," Wilson says.

Still, Democrats say Wilson broke House rules and should go to the floor and apologize, or risk facing a resolution condemning his actions.

He also accused the Democrats of "playing politics." "This is just a way to divert attention... It's a diversion from people looking at the bill and their concerns about the bill."

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