Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Burris Takes His Senate Nomination to the Courts

Longtime Loser Roland Burris filed a writ of mandamus with the Illinois Supreme Court asking that Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White essentially be forced into certifying Blago's appointment.

Apparently the crazy rules in Washington require proper documentation be sent to the Secretary of the Senate in order for Burris to be seated.

It is becoming increasingly clear by the minute that Harry Reid, Barack Obama and many Senate Democrats will do everything they can to keep their Senatorial Secret Society free of Blago's taint.

However, it still remains unclear how they actually plan on blocking the appointment. Blago, for better or worse, remains the Governor of Illinois. He has yet to be impeached, indicted or incarcerated and as such, he still has the power to appoint Burris.

It is also surprising that Burris wants to be part of a group that really does not want him to be there. Maybe it's because he has a history of being a political loser and now finally has his chance.

If Obama hadn't run for President, none of this would ever have happened...

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