Friday, November 21, 2008

Attorney General Reminds Us President Bush Has Kept Our Country Terrorism-Free

The following is an excerpt from Attorney General Mukasey's speech last night. As many of you know, the speech went unfinished and we wish the Attorney General the best. He was released from the hospital earlier today. However, much to Mr. Mukasey's chagrin, coverage of his speech was limited to his collapse at the podium and not about the substance of his address.

As the end of this Administration draws near, you would expect to hear broad praise for this success at keeping our Nation safe. Instead, I am afraid what we hear is a chorus with a rather more dissonant refrain. Instead of appreciation, or even a fair appraisal, of the Administration's accomplishments, we have heard relentless criticism of the very policies that have helped keep us safe. We have seen this in the media, we have seen this in the Congress, and we have heard it from the legal academy as well.

Click the title for the full speech transcript.

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