Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alaska UI Taxes at 30-Year Low CLICK HERE!

See what we missed out on?

Governor Sarah Palin's atmospheric approval rating is no accident. By saving businesses nearly $100 annually per employee she is encouraging economic development and putting more money into the Alaskan economy.

How? Take this example. Snowmachine Company X(SCX) owns a retail store which employees 20 people. This tax cut saves SCX about $2000/year. This savings can be re-invested into the business, saved by the owner or spent on Main Street, Juneau.

Now, consider Alaska has over 60,000 small businesses. Overall, the state has almost 350,000 employed citizens. That equates to $35,000,000(million) more in the hands of Alaska's residents and business owners and less in the pockets of the government.

President-Elect Obama wants to give $25,000,000,000(billion) to bail out the auto industry. In reality, this money will do little but appease the United Auto Workers and other labor union lobbyists. Don't fool yourself. This is a shameful use of government money.

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  1. Gov. Palin is not as naive as Saturday Night Live would leave us to believe. Remember, it's a sketch comedy show which often spoofs celebrities to get a laugh. This is true fiscal conservatism in action. Give the money back to the people! Don't redistribute our wealth to create a socialist state!

  2. Well said! Besides, Tina Fey's impersonation was the only funny thing on SNL in years!